Where I Learned How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional

November 14th, 2011

Hey guys :)

I’m finally over with my exams and now I can actually do something else than stare in books. So, after a little break, I’m all-in in make-up again. Last post I wrote a little bit about University of Makeup and the fact that I bought a video course. And now I can tell you (actually write:)) my honest review about this course and University of Makeup altogether.

I was really busy these last few months – but not only with the exams, but also with my best friend who decided to get married :) And she asked me to do her make-up! I was really excited about this news, but after the beginning joy I kinda became a little worried. It’s a really huge responsibility and I want to nail it! So I dig myself in all things make-up even more! And that was one of the reasons why I purchased a course with University of Makeup. I mainly did makeup on myself and doing it for somebody else change things. And I really want to do my best, so I did everything I could – one of those things was signing up with University of makeup.

Singing up is not hard and you became a member of the University of makeup in no time. When you become a member, you gain full access to all of their videos on how to apply makeup. And with this university and their courses you really get to learn many tips and tricks that only professionals know.

I’ve been interested in makeup for a long time, and I’ve read, listen and watch a lot about makeup and how to apply it. I knew a lot about makeup, so I was a little sceptic about joining a paid course(My Makeup Course). I was afraid that they won’t teach me anything new. I was so wrong! They gave me a whole new perspective and advice on how to put on eye shadow, blush, foundation and much much more.

The only problem is that you have to sign up with this site. If you don’t, you won’t have full access to their videos. And no matter how much you browse over the internet you won’t find them. Well maybe you will some of them, but definitely not all of them. And these professional secrets are really worth having!

So, overall, is the University of Makeup worth joining?

In my honest opinion: yes. If you’re interested in makeup, if you wanna learn new tricks and tips, if you wanna apply makeup as a professional, join this University and their course. But if you’re only a beginner and want to start with basics, this course probably isn’t for you. These courses really go into details and focus on a professional look.

There are 3 different courses to choose from:

Makeup Course Bridal Makeup Course Makeup Artist Course

1) My Makeup Course       2) Bridal  Makeup Course          3) Full Makeup Course

I chose ”My Makeup Course”. This course will show you how to apply makeup like a professional. It doesn’t matter for what occasion you need it – party, work, casual or formal event. One of the courses that I totally loved and really stayed with me was ”How to do smokey eyes”. I love smokey eyes. But I always struggle with it. And this course really helped me! I figured out the right amount of blending and which is the best brand for this type of makeup.

Of course, when you’re deciding about purchasing some course on the internet there are always second thoughts and questions like: ”Is it worth buying?” and ”What if everything is a con?”. And ultimately: ”If I don’t like it, can I get a refund?” Those are all legit questions and I’ll try to answer you the best way I can.

University of Makeup offers online makeup video courses for those who would like to learn how to apply makeup like a professional. It is suitable for pretty much anyone who has already cover the basic. If you want to take your makeup to a next level, if you want to use it purely for yourself or if you want to use it on others. This is a great step for you in your road to become a professional!

This University and it’s courses are not a scam! If you don’t believe me, you can make sure for yourself. For products of this type, there is a way to figure it out if they are a scam. You just look at the refund rate of the product. Although in my opinion – a product that has an option of a refund is almost positive not a scam :) But there is a lot of fraud these days so you’re never too careful. Normally, a product that has a high refund rate is likely a scam. Logically – if people don’t like it, they return it and want their money back. University of Makeup has a 4.66% refund rate and that is extremely low! It looks like there are a lot of happy costumers out there, and I’m just one of them.

I think it is worth purchasing and I also think you’ll be very pleased with this University. I also think it is worth spreading the word about it – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post for you.

I really hope you’ll decide for this University, but if you won’t like it (which I doubt :) ) you can get your money back – no hassle. So give it a try, it can only help you on your way to stardom and excellence :)

So, check out University of Makeup yourself, see if they offer a course or anything that you’re interested in. And as you are browsing around their webpage, look for bonuses that are being offered by the University of Makeup team.

I really hope I helped you and maybe even inspired you about what to do next and what you’re next step will be. I think makeup is a really fine thing and it’ll never be out of fashion :) It is something that almost everyone use, and you rarely (if ever) come across a person who doesn’t use ANY type of makeup. So, go at it! :) I think you’ll really have a blast learning about makeup.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I do my absolutely best makeup on my friend and that she’ll shine like she deserves at her wedding.

I wish you all the best!

How to Apply Makeup

Learning makeup every day

June 7th, 2011


I’ve been super busy these past few weeks with the finale exams coming up… but this is not the place to discuss exams, you came here to talk about makeup :) .

Three  weeks ago I bought a video course called “My Makeup Course” from the University of Makeup and I was watching and training my makeup skills ever since(whenever I had some free time away from books :) ). First I thought that these video tutorials would teach me almost nothing, and that I already know a lot… I was quite wrong, the lessons are well structured  in such way that even a beginner, like my little sister, can easily learn how to apply makeup. Last Friday when I went out with my girls I even applied a “Penelope Cruz” makeup look that I learned from this course.

For now I am extremely  satisfied with this course, maybe I will do a review after I’ll  finish it.

Here is a preview of a video in this course , sadly it is chopped and it shows just some parts of the video. But I really like how they show you what  you need before the lesson starts.

 How to do Perfect Smokey Eyes


The introduction on applying makeup

May 8th, 2011

Hi :)

My name is Chloe Parker and I’m extremely interested in make-up. That’s why I decided to try and be as good as I can be in applying one. I am also interested in other things, that’s why I’m studying foreign languages and literature, but make-up is one of the things I was always really passionate about. I love watching movies, and when you’re watching them, you always notice the perfect make up. And I always admired make-up artists and secretly wanted to become one of them. But I went the other way and that dream never came or will come true. However, recently I decided that I’ll try to pursue that dream too. I started to read a lot about make-up, useful tips and how to apply make-up as a professional. I started practising on myself and I believe I’m getting better every day.

As I talked to my friends I realize, that a lot of girls want to apply make up as good as a professional would. And be a bit of an artist actually. So I decided to write this blog. For girls, women all over the world who want to be great at applying make-up. ’cause this kind of posts really helped me a lot. You just have to read, watch videos, tutorials and then just …… practise, practise, practise .

You can have a lot of fun with make-up – wheater you’re applying one on yourself, friends,family or even as a job. And I love that. When I go out, applying make-up is my favourite part. You combine, mix colours, add things….. What’s not to love.

So, I hope I’ll help you to become even bigger enthusiast with writing this blog. And that I’ll encourage you to start becoming an ”artist” yourself.

‘Till next time

Take care



Welcome to How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional dot com

April 22nd, 2011

In the near future I will be posting tips and tricks about makeup.

Also I will show you ways on how to apply makeup like a professional.

So stay tuned :D